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TeraDream was designed to be the only place your company needs to turn to for promotional artwork and signs. Our company also has the ability to handle all your company's computer needs. By working with one company, products can be created faster and more efficiently.



Computer Upgrades and Support
Are you looking to upgrade your current computer systems? You can improve efficiency by upgrading to newer faster computers. Moving your company to a Windows XP or Windows 7 environment will stabilize the computer and increase productivity. With a newer operating system it will greatly decrease the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death".

Once your computers have been upgraded we offer maintenance agreements to handle any need that may arise.

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Network analysis and upgrade
Is your company having network problems? Our staff can come in and do an analysis of what may be slowing down your current network. From the physical level up to the software level, our trained staff can find a solution to your networking problems.


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